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    • Great Advice #1 - Don’t Do Really Dumb ThingsGreat Advice #2 - Don’t Make Your Parents HappyGreat Advice #3 - Spend Your 44 Hours WiselyGreat Advice #4 - Don’t Believe a Word Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend SaysGreat Advice #5 - Be ContradistinctiveGreat Advice #6 - Remember That You Only See Edited LivesGreat Advice #7 - Be a Creator, Not a ConsumerGreat Advice #8 - The Images You Post Define Your Image ForeverGreat Advice #9 - Step Into the ArenaGreat Advice #10 - Don’t Neglect Your Friends for Your Significant OtherGreat Advice #11 - Learn How to ApologizeGreat Advice #12 - Don’t Fear Your Crush, Crush Your FearGreat Advice #13 - You Will Become Your FriendsGreat Advice #14 - Try EverythingGreat Advice #15 - Don’t Trust Your Brain to Make DecisionsGreat Advice #16 - Start Your Career NowGreat Advice #17 - Remember That It Always Gets BetterGreat Advice #18 - Put Yourself in Others’ ShoesGreat Advice #19 - Don’t Follow All the Great Advice in This BookGreat Advice #20 - Don’t Grow Up Too FastGreat Advice #21 - If You Decide to Grow Up Fast, Do It WiselyGreat Advice #22 - Decide for Yourself When You’re Ready to Have SexGreat Advice #23 - Remain a Condom VirginGreat Advice #24 - Compare Yourself to Only One PersonGreat Advice #25 - Take Action, Right Now

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