Dad’s Great Advice for Teens


Stuff every teen needs to know about parents, friends, social media, drinking, dating, sex, peer pressure, dealing with gossip, setting goals, and finding happiness.

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All the great advice a teen needs to get happy, be successful, and make good decisions, gathered into one book.

Being a teen ain’t easy. And unfortunately, there aren’t any classes to help you through your teen years. Luckily, Dad’s Great Advice for Teens gives you everything you need to:

  • – Find your confidence
  • – Be productive with your time
  • – Develop close relationships
  • – Take real action toward your goals
  • – Trust your heart
  • – Follow your passion
  • – Take smart risks
  • – Create new, positive habits
  • – Stay positive when problems arise
  • – Become the real you
  • – Make a difference in the world

Dad’s Great Advice will help you become the best version of yourself you can possibly be.

This book is a must-read manual for any teen who hasn’t figured it all out yet. It will entertain and keep the interest of even the most unenthusiastic teen, and will help steer you towards a happier, more successful future. And because all the Great Advice has been researched and gathered by a Dad who tested it successfully on his own teens and others, you can trust that it’s for real, and it works.

Get the book that teens (and parents) are raving about.

This version of the book also includes BONUS MATERIAL from:

  • – Dad’s Great Advice for College Students
  • – Dad’s Great Advice for Everyone
  • – Dad’s Great Advice for New Drivers

And a special offer inside to get a free copy of:

  • – Dad’s Challenge Checklist for Teens
  • – Dad’s Top 10 Greatest Great Advice of All Time!

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